About me

Hi! My name is Stephany Muyshondt (Nathalie Joan Stephany) to be exact. Yup! 3 names… lol (long story) but everyone knows me as Stephany. I was Born in my Beautiful Colombia & came to Miami 18 years ago, I’m currently living in Pembroke Pines Fl, and since that April that we moved 4 months before my 14th bday with my family to a new country, a new culture & lifestyle, my life has been full of surprises, learning experiences and dreams come true, like having a beautiful family.

My husband & best friend, Alfredo & I met 13 years ago and since then we have walked together in this crazy but exciting roller coaster called life, we have 2 precious babies Isabella Grace & Lucca Joel, they are my pride & Joy. I am in love & I love being their mom.

Life has changed a whole lot since God became my Lord, Savior, father, my everything at 14 years of age. He is the reason I can smile peacefully knowing he knows my future and will always be with me. And at that age where hormones are crazy, friends are your world & you don’t know who you are especially at a completely new country, He gave me a purpose to live, dreams, and an identity.

I wake up every day excited for the day & is because of him.  I am so thankful we are fulfilling his dreams as a family. He is faithful!

12 years ago, we received the challenge & honor to lead the youth and Kids ministry at our beautiful home church Community and very young, inexperienced & a bit scared we took the challenge of full-time ministry & it has been one of the most beautiful and growing experiences that has shaped us into who we are today.

I love people and the local church, I believe that we all have a unique story that is worth sharing and throughout this years I have met, laughed, cried and served with the most incredible people on the planet that have changed my life forever, their stories inspire me & motivate me to keep on loving people as I love my self.

I will never want to take for granted the fact I get to do what I do and who I do it with, even with my flaws, type A personality, strong-willed & much more self, God chose me & I will forever be thankful.

I am passionate about Jesus, the kingdom and seeing my generation standing for their God-given truth, their values living with clear convictions, intentionality, and freedom.

If it wouldn’t be for the team of people I get to do life with I wouldn’t be here taking a leap of faith, dreaming big & Believing for this beautiful movement; After all these years I am certain that We are not meant to do life alone sometimes we just need to stop, identify our seasons, ask for help, trust, forgive again & learn to keep on going holding Gods hand. But it is exhausting, life gets a little complicated & in my world of many hats & responsibilities (you will get to know more in my future posts) it gets a bit crazy but knowing that I am not alone comforts me & motivates me to keep on walking in this journey of faith.

I believe that the community of everyday a holiday, the resources, weekly encouragement & word of God will uplift you, give you hope & inspire you to live a life of freedom, purpose, selfless love & A “not afraid of being vulnerable & radical” lifestyle.

God created us to fulfill our purpose & I pray you get to find, enjoy and live yours to the fullest.

This is more than a website, It’s a movement, a lifestyle.

TODAY is precious, unique & won’t come back.

I dare you to live your every day to the fullest, one day at a time one step at a time! You are worthy, you are loved & you are called for more.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Steph