Everyday A Holiday

Holidays… these are the days we long for, we enjoy and miss once they’re gone. They usually pass us by in a flash, but the memories we share last a lifetime. These days are usually either planned to perfection or full of spontaneity; we either take this time to rest and lounge around in our pajamas all day or we take as much time as we need to look picture perfect! We try to spend it with our families, friends or simply make some “me” time! We enjoy a bit of quiet time, loud celebrations or a good conversation.

One of the definitions of the word holiday is: worthy of celebration

After I became aware of this, my days, months and even recent years have changed drastically since I now try to live an intentional life that centers on the fact that what I think, say or do must be aligned with the purpose my life has as well as my goals and values.

I have understood that life, with its ups and downs, is worthy of being celebrated! Why not!? Live everyday a holiday full of celebrations, learning experiences and victories.

I invite every one of you to “celebrate your life”; let all your days be “holidays” that are full of great memories, emotions, goals achieved and intentional living! I understand that we are not in control of what happens around us, but we are in control of three things: our thoughts, the images we visualize and the actions we take daily. Embrace the stage of your life that you are in (whether you’re single, married, student, with children, without children, divorced, widowed, entrepreneur, in the ministry etc.) and make sure to put forth the best version of you! You are the architect of your own destiny!

“Every day a holiday” wants to inspire you to live a healthy spiritual, emotional and physical life that motivates you to enjoy each day and be reminded that what you do every day is part of an adventure that will unfold itself significantly.

So, stop waiting for a holiday to do what you enjoy the most, plan a spontaneous trip, call or meet someone you haven’t seen in a long time or simply rest; everyday can be memorable if you so choose it.

This is our time!

Your time to enjoy, value yourself and live the life that God in His infinite love, has designed for you. A life with a clear purpose.

Let’s learn together and find out how everyday can become a day to remember!

 This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm 118:24