Pauses are necessary

March 16, the Monday where everything changed at least for me and anyone that lives in South Florida. Quarentine began and Kids started virtual school and I started working from home, shopping malls and restaurants started to close and the streets started to look empty (ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT) but since day one I told my self, I won’t go back, I refused to go back to the obsessive, over achiever, perfectionist Stephany… and trust me (being home all day was the perfect invitation to do just that) but I knew I was going o drive myself and my family crazy!

I decided to embrace the change and CONSIDER.

Consider the best possible perspective for this season and the possibilities that will come with it. For me, Cooking more, exercise without rushing to get somewhere, read more, watch tv just for the fun of it, write and teach my kids new habits and new skills, I chose to consider the possibilities and embrace the pause.

On my first journal entry I wrote: Stephany I am pausing you, pauses are necessary you are not going backwards you are pausing to reevaluate what you want to take to the next season, what is worth it.

I was writing to myself, to my (I want to do it all and not waste time) self. and I started practicing what I have been learning this past years.

I can make everyday a holiday without leaving my house, I can live one day at a time without fear of the future, I can embrace this pause and get to know my self and my family better. PAUSE to look into their eyes, count their freckles, enjoy the tone of their laughs, doodle and write ideas just to do it with no purpose or deadline behind it and innovate because this pause was forcing the world to stop depending from what the outside could offer and made us all look within.

I am so thankful I did. I had so much time to stop and think, to stop and ask questions, be curious with myself and God.

The reality is that must of us want to run from pauses because they make us feel like we are losing, not ahead, not improving but I want to invite you to re- consider.

Pauses are necessary and sometimes they are forced but when you choose to consider your approach towards it, the way you feel about it and your attitude will change as well.

You see a sickness but I see an opportunity to be loved, to allow God’s power to. heal, have meaningful conversations, an opportunity for your soul to awaken and your faith to grow.

You see a divorce but I see resilience, restoration, growth, an opportunity to look within and heal.

You see victim but I see a survivor that can use the pain to help others and find freedom and purpose in God, I see God’s justice. covering you and protecting you.

You see isolation but I see a big opportunity to create, to learn something new, to rest physically, to evaluate, clean and decorate again.

You see a newborn stage but I see about 60 days that will never ever comeback, I see a new discovery and view of life a way to love and be loved without words but instead with actions and sacrifices that sooner than later will be forgotten and replaced with laughs, confidence and hope.

You see rejection because you were fired from your job but I see a brand new way of possibilities to do what you really like and enjoy, I see faith, ideas and reinvention.

You see overweight but I see there is always today to start making better food choices, I see new friendships developing that will encourage you and not judge you, I see an opportunity to learn to love yourself well and put boundaries.

What do you see?

in the stage that you are in what do you see?

Embrace this Pause and don’t allow yourself to get sidetracked, this world with it’s pace and it’s weight will always try to pull you away and make you feel you are not winning enough, getting enough, living enough.

Today get back to focus and consider what is really worth it in life. There is a healing power in eye contact, a real conversation, a hug, a soul to soul connection a meaningful pause.

Today choose to see the goodness and opportunities that are standing right in front of you. You can live your everyday a holiday today with quarantine or without it.  What do you see?



Stephany šŸ™‚