Living above the chaos

It is so easy to start falling into the cracks of fear and animosity with everything  that is happening right now. To be honest If I could I will want to hide under my sheets, turn off the lights and sleep so hopefully when I wake up there are no more covid numbers raising, more people dying or constant questions with no answers. Basically not live just exist lol (that’s actually a Colombian saying)

I realized that July became a trigger.

At this time I should be ordering uniforms for the kids, going window shopping to all our favorite stores to see what are the options for backpacks and lunch boxes and getting our supply list ready to take advantage of the no tax weekend to buy everything ha! but instead I am sitting , writing (journaling how I feel) and honestly so confused and overwhelmed with the chaos and uncertainty we are living today. I have no idea how august will look like & that’s ok. (yes! I am constantly talking to myself) so I had to take action, It was affecting me and I had to do something about it. I took it to prayer, spoke to someone I trust (My accountability partner, Hi 🙂 & thank you!) and started to think about my thoughts.


I read this quote from Morgan Harper Nichols that aligned me back into the right mindset:


What a powerful truth.

God reminded me once again that I can take his hand and allow him to lead me in his path of peace and that his peace can cause my heart to sing in the middle of chaos that I can live and enjoy my everyday in the middle of what is going on around me.

I have no control of what is happening but I have control of my thoughts and actions. I get to choose peace in the midst of chaos and that choice becomes my chance to trust God with what I cannot control while I grow in faith, patience and character.

Allow me to extend an invitation to you:

let’s choose his peace, let’s choose to live above the chaos and lets re-direct our thoughts daily. What am I thinking about most often? I started thinking about my thoughts and realized that the content I was putting in my mind was clearly feeding my fears so I had to give my mind nutritious content that will allow me to align my thoughts again.

I replaced animosity with proximity (Healthy social distancing proximity ha!) and instead of closing off and trying to ignore the world (my defense mechanism) I made it a personal goal to call a friend not through text, or a DM but an actual call and that proximity that: How are you doing? made me feel so much better and allowed me to open up and also listen, LISTEN to other perspectives, to faith and to also laugh! I truly have the best of friends!

It is a choice and it begins in our minds.

“Every day, you have to stand guard at the door of your mind.”

Today I choose to live above the chaos, embrace God’s peace and live my everyday a Holiday and tomorrow I have to choose to do it all over again.

because, ONE DAY AT A TIME.