Hello 2019!


Wow! Its been a long time or maybe is not that long,  but to think that almost 3 months passed since my last post  sounds like a long time, but this is the beauty of everyday a holiday,  there is no pressure, no timeline or perfect time to post is about sharing my heart and journey when I can and when I want, ‘The I don’t have to, instead is the “I get to” mindset.

The past 3 months have been pretty amazing, I haven’t been lost, I’ve actually been present. personally I experienced some of the most beautiful moments with my family and in ministry; the season came and passed by so fast but I was able to savor each moment and take little breaks between the meetings, the outings, the gatherings to just stop, smile and see what God has done.

For many years I lived rushed running from one side to another trying to finish a lot of things at the same time trying to be efficient and check with a smile my daily To-do’s and that left me exhausted physically and emotionally. but 2018 was so different, so enjoyable… same drama lol more responsibility and bigger challenges but so much joy in the between that I can say I cherished every moment. What a Year!

I just want to encourage you to enjoy your everyday and enjoy to the max the people God has placed in your life.

Today you can focus in the mess of your room or your kids rooms (I’m guilty of that) or notice the way their eyes sparkle when you speak to them with love or the way it feels when you intentionally and with no pressure take time to put your favorite playlist out loud put on your oldest t-shirt (the one with holes) and clean not out of desperation but instead with admiration and a thankful heart for the space and things God has given you.

Today you can begin again and start a new mindset of enjoying your everyday, time passes by whether we like it or not, hardship will come whether we like it or not, consequences to bad decisions can follow us for months or maybe years… But HIS MERCY is renewed every morning. You and I can begin everyday with a fresh new start and perspective.

This year I am not putting all my attention in agendas, high standards and timelines and focusing more in my thoughts, my efforts, what I hope for and who I want to become. Instead of expecting “people” to change I am anticipating growth, celebrating victories and to be an encourager and a cheerleader of maturity and growth and not just CHANGE.

Sometimes we think that what we need is to change, but after so many years of trying to change things about my self and people (guilty of that too) I have learned that change is based on circumstances and if the circumstances change then your “change” is temporary but maturity and growth stays with you permanently because is internal, is a process that changes the way you think because is rooted in a new mindset and lifestyle.

This is the year to look in front of the mirror and say I see you and I love you, a year to wake up the little child dreamer inside of all of us and become the exact person God intended us to be, to grow, mature and walk in his grace.

This year lets commit to feel the belly laugh from our souls,  to be intentional in our relationships, to say thank you, I love you and I am sorry more often, to feel the sun on our faces and accept our present and enjoy it, lets not miss the joy of being alive.

Welcome 2019! we can do this.

Love,  Stephany